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Event Management

The community management application will let members share and know about any upcoming events and get-together details. It also allows checking about committee meetings or any other important meeting information like purpose, venue, date and time.
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Request Application

This feature allows members to send a request application in case of any emergency like blood requirement or any other kind of help.
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App Customization

The application will let members customize their app theme color, profile text, font style and font size to increase user experience.
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This application feature will let members send an important message or news via push notification, mobile SMS and email.
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Member Directory

The member directory feature will help to view all the member details of a community like a name, business, phone number, email id, blood group, native place, etc.
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Multi-language support

Parivar application can be run on any preferred language from English, Hindi and Gujarati.
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Find your perfect match with our new Matrimonial feature! Designed to connect singles within our community, this feature allows members to search, interact, and connect based on mutual interests and community values. Start your journey to finding your life partner today!
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Multi-Platform Support

Parivar application flawlessly works on any platform whether it is an Android or iOS platform.
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Birthday Notification

The community engagement app notifies member on birthdays of other community members and it also let members to send wishes to that member via push notification directly from the app.
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Celebrate and share your success stories through our Achievements feature! Whether personal milestones or professional victories, let the community celebrate your hard work and perseverance. Inspire others by sharing what you've accomplished.
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Members can know about all current committee members and also get their details like name, address, profession, background, phone number, email id and more
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Privacy management

Parivar app lets you manage app authority and profile privacy by whether you want to show or hide personal details from other members.
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Business Directory

The application will allow viewing all the member's business information like business name, services, details, website, phone number, address and more with the business directory feature.
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Advance your career with our Job Board! Whether you're seeking new opportunities or looking to hire, our community-specific job listings provide a trusted platform for career growth. Connect with potential employers or find your ideal candidate — all within your community.
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This community engagement application feature let member invite to join their important events like a business inauguration, birthday parties, ceremony events, Tributes, etc. by sending a mobile notification, SMS and email to make them part of the event.
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About Community

About section will provide all the information and details about your community where one can know each and everything about it.
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Blogs: Share your thoughts

This application feature lets members share your thoughts, useful information as a part of blogs and articles with other members.
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Knowledge Sharing

This application feature will allow community members to share their knowledge, awareness news, notes or thoughts with others.
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Preserve your precious memories with our Album feature! Easily create, share, and view photo albums of community events, gatherings, or personal highlights. Keep your community memories alive and well-documented for generations to enjoy.
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Voice your opinion and engage in community decisions with our Polls feature! Easy to use, this feature allows you to vote on community matters, gather feedback, and see results in real-time. Your input is valuable — make it count!

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In our everyday busy lives, it's hard to gather and manage the entire community and can be a challenging part to unify them; but the Parivar community management app helps to connect and gather all community members under one roof to unite, share happiness, joy, knowledge and help each other. Its unique design and functionalities enable seamless communication and increase community engagement. Community management app helps you to create your own personalized app whether you're family, community or village.

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